Marvel Legends Giant-Man Build-A-Figure Review Civil War

The worst-kept secret in all of the Hasbro Marvel Legends 2016 6″ figures lineup has finally arrived: the 10″ Marvel Legends Civil War Giant-Man Build-A-Figure! If you want this behemoth to join your collection, you’ve got two options: You’ll have to buy all six figures in this wave–including the ultra-demanded movie Black Panther–to get all the pieces for this figure, or else pick up the Marvel Legends Giant-Man figure on the aftermarket for ~$65! Is Giant-Man worth the expense? Read on…

Giant-Man Marvel Legends 2016 Figure Build-A-Figure HasbroThe Right:

I thought that last summer’s Ant-Man movie was ultimately disappointing (though slightly amusing), so I wasn’t terribly hyped about Scott Lang returning in Captain America: Civil War this summer.

But that all changed when LEGO let it slip that not only would Scott be appearing as Ant-Man in Civil War–he’d also be making his movie debut in the guise of Giant-Man!

Disney tried to put the kibosh on the Giant-Man reveals way too late, and while we didn’t get to officially see the Hasbro Giant-Man Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure until a few weeks ago, he’s now in our grubby hands!

Unassembled Pieces of Marvel Legends Giant-Man Movie FigureThere was really no other character that would have made sense to include as the Civil War movie Build-A-Figure, so hats off to Hasbro for giving us a 100% newly-tooled Giant Man BAF to complete this wave. I’m not thrilled I had to buy characters like Nuke and Red Guardian as six inch action figures to build him, but I sure am glad I can build him at all.

Back of Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Giant Man FigureI won’t lie and say I don’t have my issues with this figure–I’ll be ranting about them on just a minute–but this is definitely a solid figure that has more positive qualities than negative ones.

Close-Up of Back of Civil War Giant-ManThe sculpted textures on this figure are outright excellent. The sheer number of sculpted details on the mold are pretty staggering, when you consider that basically every centimeter of the figure has miniscule texture detailing on it somewhere.

2016 Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Giant-Man Action FigureSuper-cool detail: the “Pym particles” on this figure are blue, just like the blue discs that Scott Lang needed to use to enlarge himself and escape from the Quantum Realm at the end of the Ant-Man movie! Neat!

Giant-Man vs Black Panther vs Iron ManNow, no one will ever accuse Giant-Man of being a ninja, but he might as well be with all of the articulation Hasbro has incorporated into this oversized action figure!

Marvel Legends 2016 Giant Man Action Figure ArticulationGiant-Man features an upper torso ab crunch; swivel waist, biceps and thighs; double-jointed elbows and knees; ankle rocker ankles; ball-jointed hips; and ball-hinge head, wrists and shoulders. For a 100% unique mold that Hasbro really can’t reuse for anyone else, this level of articulation is pretty spectacular.

Side View of Captain America Marvel Legends Giant-Man HelmetOn the paint front, I’m satisfied with the work Hasbro’s factories did here. There’s always a lot of nail-biting when you have a figure that mixes dark colors like black with red and silver sections, but the paintwork here is close to pristine.

Close-Up of Giant-Man Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure Head HelmetThe Giantman helmet has a heavy dark paint wash on it that I wish the rest of the figure shared, but otherwise I’ve got no gripes with the paint here.

Funko Giant-Man Comparison with Hasbro Legends Giantman FigureAlso, just like the 6″ Funko Giant-Man POP Vinyls figure that I liked so much, the lenses of the Giant-Man helmet are translucent red here and you can (kind of) see Scott’s eyes inside the helmet. This effect doesn’t work quite right (more on that in a second), but I much prefer the translucent eyes to opaque, painted ones.

Hasbro Marvel Legends Civil War Figures Giant-Man Black Panther Iron ManThe Wrong:

Because the world has changed from when we got the Marvel Legends Fin Fang Foom Build-A-Figure nearly a decade ago, we’re unlikely to ever see a Build-A-Figure with the size or mass of Fin Fang Foom (or Galactus or the Sentinel) ever again.

As such, the Marvel Legends Giant-Man BAF is a bit, well… smaller… than most people probably hoped. He’s around 10″ tall, making him 50% larger than your typical Marvel Legends 6″ figure.

While that is pretty big (about 10 feet tall by full-scale standards), I don’t know that that size is going to impress many collectors. He’s more “unnaturally tall man” than “Giant-Man” at 10 inches tall, honestly.

Marvel Legends Civil War Giant Man vs. Iron ManThere’s also some issues with the quality control on this figure. Because this figure uses a lot of black plastic–the bane of Marvel Legends figures–parts of Giant-Man tend to feel more bendy and “gummy” than they should.

Giant-Man Marvel Legends Figure Breaks Iron Man's BackIn addition, my Civil War Giant-Man Marvel Legends Build-A-Figure has an incredibly floppy upper torso ab crunch. I’ve heard this same thing from other collectors, so I fear that this is going to be a common problem with all of the Hasbro Giant-Man Legends figures produced.

Marvel Legends Giant-Man Build-A-Figure ReviewOverall: Hasbro clearly put a lot of work into this Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War Giant-Man Build-A-Figure, and the paint deco and sculpting detail definitely impress. Even so, the clouded lenses on the mask, floppy joints and undersized nature of the figure disappoint me. I’m glad that Hasbro gave us this Marvel Legends Giant-Man figure, but I really wish he were larger and had better quality control.



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  1. Worst kept secret and biggest joke as far as ordering from Hasbro goes. They put the order up at 2 am, what the hell Hasbro?

    • Hasbro’s website is so bad now. No cases and the “categories” are woefully inaccurate for actually finding anything. It took months for them to add sort by “newest” and it doesn’t even work. I check twice a day and I didn’t even see that they went up. Time to start making the physical rounds, I guess.

  2. “Had to Buy Red Guardian and Nuke to complete him”

    Really? you should be saying, “Glad to buy these obscure and needed characters.”

    • Well, mine isn’t 10″ tall because his upper torso is so floppy that he hunches over, but I’ll grant you that a fully erect Giant-Man is 10″ tall.

      (Oh my god. Did I just say that?)

  3. I bought my set early at Frank & Sons for $125. Great set overall. Rating these figures Id give, and I’m sure I’m in the minority here, Nuke: 9. Ive wanted this figure before they ever teased us years ago AND his alternate head fits Onslaught perfectly until we get the Magneto head!. Iron-man: 9. Best combination of scale and looks of any Hasbro Iron -man. Black Panther – 9. Even tho BP is the movie version he looks great and will take over my comic version figure on my display. Red Guardian – 7. I like RG because it looks good and I would like one of every Marvel character. Nick Fury – 6. The scale for a Nick Fury is a little small. I would have given it a 4 but I like the 2 alternate heads. Captain America – 1. Selling movie Captain America for $5. Giant-man – 6. The body looks good but the head looks a little too big. It will not replace the comic BAF on my display.

  4. I didn’t know Ant-Man was going to become Giant-Man in the Civil War movie until I saw the email title from Marvel Toy News. What a huge spoiler. You could have at least titled the email with Civil War Spolier Alert rather than putting Giant Man in the title. I was disappointed that I didn’t get to be surprised during the movie. I unsubscribed from MTN emails as a result.