Marvel Play Arts Kai Thor Figure Photos & Order Info!

Square-Enix Thor Play Arts Kai Marvel Variant Action Figure

I know most folks have been overall very happy with the last few Marvel Legends Thor figures that Hasbro has released, but I’ve never been fully satisfied. As nice as those figures are, I don’t feel like they capture the power and majesty of the God of Thunder. But where I feel like Hasbro falls a tad short, coming off of over a decade of producing Final Fantasy figures, Square-Enix knows exactly how to make a figure look mythic! And as part of their new-for-2015 Variant line, they’re getting their chance to make Thor look really divine: the Play Arts Kai Thor figure is now available for order!

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Marvel Candy Bowl Holders! Rocket Raccoon Venom Thor!

Rocket Raccoon Candy Bowl Holder

I mentioned in my review of the Jubilee Bishoujo statue yesterday that there was a first time for everything. Well, I guess today it’s time for another first, because I’m going to be discussing something that can probably only be considered a “toy” at all by the barest of margins. The latest Marvel statues (of a sort) come from Rubie’s Costume Company–and they actually serve a functional purpose! The Rocket Raccoon, Thor and Venom Candy Bowl Holders are now up for order!

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Marvel Play Arts Kai Thor & Venom Figures Revealed!

2015 New York Toy Fair Marvel Play Arts Kai Thor Figure

Going into last week’s New York Toy Fair 2015, I thought we’d be lucky if Square-Enix just brought along a prototype of the second Marvel Play Arts Kai figure: Spider-Man.

But I underestimated Square-Enix. Not only did they have the finished Spidey on display at their booth, but also the third action figure in the lineup, Play Arts Kai Thor, and even concept art for the fourth figure: Play Arts Kai Venom!

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Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure Review & Photos

Marvel Legends King Thor Figure Close-Up

Yesterday I kicked off my series of reviews of the Marvel Legends Avengers Wave 1 figures with my Marvel Legends Machine Man review, but I thought I’d shake things up a bit today by jumping straight to the Build-A-Figure… or rather, Build-A-Figures!

The identity of the Allfather varies depending upon the time period in the Marvel Universe you’re reading about, but now you can pick from two for your display: it’s the Marvel Legends Odin Review (and King Thor Review)!

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Hot Toys Avengers Age of Ultron Hulk & Thor Figures Revealed!

Hulk Hot Toys Avengers Age of Ultron Sixth Scale Figure

When Hot Toys announced we’d be seeing some of their Avengers: Age of Ultron Movie Masterpiece Series figures debut at this week’s Toy Soul 2014 event, I kinda didn’t realize that they meant they were bringing almost the whole lineup to the show. Even so, Hot Toys brought the core six members of the Avengers, as well as Thanos and Hulkbuster Iron Man to the event. But while some figures look polished and amazing, some of them are clearly just in-development placeholders. And the most obvious culprits of being works-in-progress are the Age of Ultron Thor and Hulk figures…

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Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Figure Revealed!

Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Thor Figure

If there’s one mass-release small-scale action figure company that we can count on to release some five-star figures for almost every Marvel movie released, it’s Diamond Select Toys. That said, fandom wasn’t exactly ablaze with love for the first Marvel Select Age of Ultron figure announced: a slightly retooled movie Hulk figure.

Unfortunately, the second figure is unlikely to get folks much more excited–the Marvel Select Avengers Age of Ultron Thor figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Retro 8″ Wolverine & Thor Figures at NYCC 2014!

Marvel Retro Wolverine 8" Figures NYCC 2014 Diamond Select Toys

Of all the companies debuting new Marvel toys and Collectibles at New York Comic Con 2014 over the weekend, no company brought more new Marvel figures to premiere at NYCC 2014 than Diamond Select Toys! Among the items revealed at the show where the third and fourth Diamond Select Toys Marvel Retro 8″ figures: Wolverine and Thor!

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Funko Black & White Loki POP Vinyls Hot Topic Exclusive!

Funko Loki Black and White POP Vinyls Exclusive Figure Hot Topic

Funko is the king of exclusive toys in 2014. There’s literally no question about it. Funko quite frankly produces more limited exclusives across their POP! Vinyls, Hikari and Mystery Mini figures in a single year than basically every other major toy company out there all put together. And oftentimes, I love Funko exclusives a whole lot more than I do their regular releases. But sometimes, Funko comes up with an exclusive that is just unspeakably lame. Coming this fall, it’s the second black-and-white Loki in under a year–the Hot Topic Exclusive Funko Black & White Loki POP! Vinyl!

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NYCC 2014 Funko Frost Giant Loki POP! Vinyls Exclusives!

Frost Giant Loki Funko POP Vinyls Exclusive NYCC 2014

We’re just under a month away from New York Comic Con 2014 now–but you sure wouldn’t know it from the lack of any major Marvel NYCC 2014 exclusives being announced.

As usual, however, if there’s one company we can count on to deliver exclusives, it’s Funko! Today, Funko officially announced the two Marvel Funko POP! Vinyls Frost Giant Loki NYCC 2014 exclusive figures!

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Sideshow Thor Dark World Premium Format Statue Up for Order!

Sideshow Collectibles Chris Hemsworth Thor The Dark World Head Sculpt for Premium Format Figure

In my eyes, Marvel Studios can just about do no wrong. But if they could do wrong, that wrong would likely be called “Thor The Dark World”. While I didn’t think that “Thor The Dark World” was bad, per se, it was definitely the lowest-quality Marvel Studios movie released thus far. Even so, there are three things I love about “Thor The Dark World” (in this order): Natalie Portman, Loki, and Thor’s new costume. Though I would have preferred the other two, Sideshow has crafted a killer new statue for one of these aspects: the Sideshow Exclusive Thor The Dark World Premium Format Figure goes up for order this week!

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SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends 2015 Iron Fist Hawkeye King Thor Photos!

SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Iron Fist Figure

Hasbro tried to pull a fast one on fans at San Diego Comic Con 2014 on Thursday, when they pulled the Classic Hawkeye Marvel Legends Avengers Series 1 figure out of the display case after photos leaked with Hawkeye as part of the wave. But on Friday, Hasbro went ahead and laid a few more cards on the table (or figures in the display, as the case may be). Not only will Marvel Legends 2015 bring us the Marvel Legends Hawkeye variant we’ve been waiting for, but we’ll also be getting the long-lost Marvel Legends Iron Fist figure and the parts to make a King Thor Build-A-Figure!

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SDCC 2014 Marvel Legends 2015 Avengers Odin Series Figures Photos!

Marvel Legends Avengers Infinite Series Scarlet Witch Figure SDCC 2014

Heading into San Diego Comic Con 2014, we really didn’t know what to expect from the Hasbro Marvel Legends 6″ figures line. With no major Marvel movies scheduled for 2015 beyond Avengers, would Hasbro opt for a second series of Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Legends or X-Men Legends? Nope!

Hasbro is taking the safe and smart route, kicking off their SDCC 2014 reveals–and the Marvel Legends 2015 figures line–with the Avengers Marvel Legends Odin Build-A-Figure Series!

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Funko POP Vinyls Odin Heimdall Lady Sif & Loki Revealed!

Funko Thor The Dark World POP Vinyls Figures

Way back in April 2014, word leaked out via listings in the Barnes and Noble database that Funko had a quartet of Funko Thor The Dark World movie POP! Vinyls coming our way later on in the year. I figured once that happened, Funko would be officially announcing the whole wave of Thor The Dark World Funko POP! Vinyls any day. That obviously didn’t happen. But today, a quarter-year later, Funko is finally prepared to show off their four latest Funko Marvel POP Vinyls: Odin, Lady Sif, Heimdall and a new helmeted Loki are now up for order!

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Bowen Designs Hela Statue Released & Photos!

Bowen Designs Hela Full-Size Statue

Some characters get more merch than others, whereas some characters only get merch on a cold day in Hel. And no, that’s not a type-o, as today I’m referring to the Asgardian ruler of Niffleheim and Hel itself: Hela! I’ve been both anticipating and dreading the release of the Bowen Designs Hela statue, as its arrival would mean that there was only one more Bowen Marvel statue on the way (perhaps forever). The day has come, though, and while the potential end of the Marvel Bowen Designs line still makes me nervous, the Bowen Hela statue is one glorious piece…

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Kotobukiya Thor ArtFX+ Statue Photos & Order Info

Marvel Kotobukiya ArtFX+ Thor Avengers Statue Close-Up

I’d honestly had my doubts about the Kotobukiya Marvel NOW! Avengers ArtFX+ statues line, but whatever skepticism I had was washed away by the highly-impressive Kotobukiya Hulk ArtFX+ statue that I reviewed earlier this week.

I’m on a veritable high at the moment when it comes to these Kotobukiya Avengers statues, and that’s why this was the perfect time for Kotobukiya to debut the official photos of the fifth statue in the series: the Kotobukiya Thor ArtFX+ statue is now up for pre-order!

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