Marvel Legends 2016 Captain America Civil War Figures!

Now that we’ve hit the slow season between July’s San Diego Comic-Con 2015 and October’s New York Comic-Con 2015, it’s time to backtrack and discuss some upcoming items that I didn’t give their due to right away. And the biggest of those news items is the first major wave of Marvel Legends 2016 figures: the Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War wave! I talked about three of the figures from this wave during the second day of SDCC, but Hasbro still had a couple more surprises for us… including a Werewolf Captain America and the Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure!

Marvel Legends 2016 Cap-Wolf Captain America Figure Red Onslaught BAF

Just when I think I’ve got Hasbro figured out, they go and do something to really throw me for a loop. On the Friday of SDCC 2015, what looked to be a new Marvel Legends Classic Captain America figure was put on display and met with a lukewarm response. But during their Saturday Marvel toys panel, Hasbro confirmed that this figure has the parts to become something totally unexpected: Werewolf Captain America!!

Congratulations to all those who have been holding out hope for years that Hasbro would someday release a Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf figure, because defying the odds, at SDCC 2015 Hasbro made all your dreams come true!

Marvel Legends Cap-Wolf Wolf Captain America FigureI’m sure plenty of people’s eyes bugged out as they stared in disbelief at this Marvel Legends Wolf Captain America figure tonight, but this is, in fact, a real canonical iteration of Captain America. Not only did Cap-Wolf appear in some legendary Mark Waid comic books, but he even put in an appearance in this summer’s “Secret Wars” event as part of the “Spider Island” series!

And for those who don’t want Cap rocking out with a werewolf head (do such people exist?), a standard interchangeable masked Captain America head is also included with this figure.

2016 Marvel Legends Nuke FigureIn addition to this semi-obscure Captain America variant, we’re also getting a totally-obscure Cap/Wolverine villain: Marvel Legends Nuke.

Nuke is basically an evil version of Duke from GI Joe (a la “Small Soldiers”, if anyone besides me remembers that masterpiece). Except, well… not at all. Nuke had something to do with the Weapon Plus program and, well… I hate him. (Sorry.) I’m happy all those who have been waiting for a Nuke Marvel Legends 6″ figure, though!

And oh yeah–there’s also this Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure coming…

Marvel AXIS Red Onslaught vs. MagnetoThose who haven’t been reading Marvel comic books regularly for the past few years are probably looking quizzically at the figure above dubbed “the Red Onslaught”.

Here’s the short form story: the Red Skull stole Charles Xavier’s corpse’s brain and implanted it in himself (I am not making this up), before Magneto murdered Red Skull in a fit of rage.

But for some reason that I still do not understand, being murdered ultimately ended up making the Red Skull become more powerful than anyone ever possibly imagined, as he became the Red Onslaught, deadly enough to take on all the heroes and villains of the Marvel Universe at once.

Hey, don’t blame me–I’m just summarizing it. I didn’t write it.

Marvel Legends Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure Hasbro 2016

As the big-bad of the 2014 AXIS mega-event, the Marvel Legends Red Onslaught Build-A-Figure is a well-deserved all-new mold complete with the usual level of super-articulation goodness (including clearly-visible ankle-rockers–thanks, Hasbro!).

I’ve heard a lot of disappointment (which I share) about no regular Xavier helmeted Onslaught head being included with this BAF, but I’m sure that if Disney/Marvel will allow an X-Men Onslaught figure version, Hasbro will be thrilled to reuse this tooling and release one someday. If. 

SDCC 2015 Marvel Legends Mockingbird FigureGiven that Hasbro debuted four regular 2016 Marvel Legends Captain America Civil War figures at SDCC 2015 and a typical ML wave contains 6-7 figures, I think we can reasonably guess that the unshown 2-3 figures will be movie figures. Could the long-overdue Marvel Legends Scarlet Witch, Falcon or Vision movie figures finally be heading our way next year…?

What do you think of the four regular Marvel Legends 2016 Captain America figures that have been revealed (and the Build-A-Figure Red Onslaught, of course!)? Which of these figures are on your “must-buy” list, and what characters do you hope round out this first wave of Civil War Marvel Legends figures?


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  1. This info has been out for a bit. A YouTube reviewer (Anthony’s Customs?) is disappointed that Onslaught won’t come with an alternate “original Onslaught” head (resembles Magneto).

    • Uh-huh. It’s been out since SDCC. That’s why this is a “catch-up” post for figures that didn’t get their due during my coverage of the event. =D

        • I mean, the amount of time it took me to get around to doing that write-up was reprehensible, but I’m glad you enjoyed it! 😀

  2. The Cap Wolf is one that I was waiting for believe it or not. LMAO No Kidding I still have the comic book were he was introduced ?

  3. The werewolf head is cool. It might be a way to make yet another Cap figure more appealing to collectors. There must be a rule that each wave must contain one Cap, Iron Man or Spider Man.

    Mockingbird looks great. I can’t wait to finally add her to the Avengers. Hopefully we will get a movie Scarlet Witch and Falcon.

  4. “Not only did Cap-Wolf appear in some legendary Mark Waid comic books…” – I don’t believe Cap-Wolf ever appeared in any Captain America issues written by Mark Waid. I think the writer might mean Mark Gruenwald.

    • That’s correct! I’m thinking of the “classic” Man & Wolf story arc by Mark Gruenwald from Captain America 402-408!

      Cap-Wolf really felt like something Mark Waid would write, though, doesn’t it? =D

  5. I’m hoping we’ll get Falcon, Vision and Scarlet Witch’s new costumes for movie figs. I kinda hope we don’t get a new movie Cap because his Civil War costume is literally the same one he wore in Age of Ultron.

  6. No habia aparecido una imagen de namor y de taskmaster? Creo que esas dos figuras fortalecen esta wave … taskmaster en su version ultimate spiderman serie y un namor con su traje azul y negro me encantan !! Estoy feliz de ver a mockingbird y creo que si se le puede agregar algo a esta wave seria falcon version movie y tal vez una nueva versio de bucky barnes ya que su version de la wave queen brood fue espantosa

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        Our second President: John Adams spoke English, French and Latin.
        President James Madison spoke English, Greek, Latin and Hebrew.
        James Monroe spoke English and French.

        ☺Truly we are the sons of our fathers.
        Would not they and Capt America be proud?

      • Por comentarios asi el mundo juzga a los estadounidenses te recuerdo que estas figuras ni siquiera son hechas en tu pais. Y si tienen exito es por el consumo mundial y no solo en los estados unidos de america

          • Translation: “Because of those types of comments the world judges Americans. Let me remind you that these figures are not even made in the US. And if they are a good selling item is because the are known and are bought worldwide. Not only in the Usa”

            ?Wow. He’s got you there. Let’s see how well your mind can “suck”up the fact that without (made in)China we wouldn’t have all those American comic toy figures(Marvel legends etc.) on the shelves.

  7. No Onslaught head = PASS.

    Also, the boots on Cap? No. Use the USAgent boots. But Cap’s boot cuffs do not have a point on them. This is just sloppy. And that shield needs to be retired. The clip breaks way too easily. They need to go back to the Face-Off shield design.

    Mockingbird? Yes. But, so far, that’s all I want in this wave. I don’t need a Sgt, Hatred figure.

        • LOL…haha..! Oh, no capt. We ALL know, you’re good. It is I who humbly seeks your demonstrative wisdom,brother.

          • Go be an idiot on the fwoosh where nobody cares about your comments either. I agree. You are Jar Jar Binks.

          • Most illogical,friend. You just labeled yourself as a “nobody.”?
            If I am so unpopular,then what are all those upvotes doing on my disqus page?
            Mesa so happy to have you as a fan!? LOL! Mesa like this!?✌

  8. I am one of those Nuke fans since Daredevil: Born Again is one of the greatest Marvel stories ever told