Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ Figures Preview!

A lot of collectors were a wee bit annoyed when Hasbro renamed the Marvel Universe scale figures to 4″ “Marvel Legends” to kick off 2016, due to the confusion one name for multiple scales wold cause. Well, life is about to get a whole lot tougher for those folks, as Hasbro is announcing a new 12″ Mavel Legends scale this weekend as part of the New York Toy Fair 2015 festivities! And of course, the first to the party are everyone’s favorites: Captain America and Iron Man!

There haven’t been a whole lot of choices for Marvel sixth scale figure collectors the past years, with the only relevant lines being the super-cheap but under-detailed Hasbro Titan Hero figures and the super-expensive but amazingly-detailed Hot Toys figures.

But it looks like Hasbro has finally noticed the extremely strong number of adult 12-inch figure collectors out there, because in 2015 they’re starting an all-new range of Marvel Legends 12″ figures!

The first two Marvel Legends sixth scale figures, scheduled to be released in spring/summer 2016, are a (sort-of )Marvel NOW! Captain America and “Captain America: Civil War” Iron Man.

The announcement blurb for these figures mentions interchangeable hands and alternate heads, so we can reasonably speculate that there will also be a helmeted Captain America and unhelmeted Tony Stark head included with each figure, respectively.

While neither figure looks quite as good to me as Hot Toys’ offerings, these mass-release figures are going to have a huge advantage over  the ones coming from Hot Toys: price.

Whereas a typical Hot Toys Marvel figure will run collectors anywhere from $230-$300 (and more for die-cast Iron Man figures), Hasbro has laid down the gauntlet with their own beautiful, well-articulated Marvel Legends 12″ figures with a suggested price-point of $49.99.

NY Toy Fair 2016 Hasbro 12 Inch Marvel Legends Captain AmericaThe chances of me giving up Hot Toys collecting for these Hasbro sixth scale figures is basically zero, but I’m definitely intrigued and looking forward to seeing the 12″ Captain America and Iron Man figures tomorrow at the New York Toy Fair 2016 Hasbro event!

I’ll be posting news and hi-red photos from the 2016 Toy Fair all weekend long (and likely throughout next week), so be sure to come back frequently and check the Marvel Toy News social media pages for all the latest reveals!

What do you think of the newly-revealed Hasbro Marvel Legends sixth scale line, collectors? Is this new series a threat to Hot Toys in your eyes? And will you be collecting this new range of 1/6 Marvel Legends, or are you holding strong with your 6″ figure collection?


Toy Fair 2016: Hasbro Marvel Legends 12″ Figures Preview! — 15 Comments

  1. These are huge (literally & figuratively). The only thing keeping me from getting into 12″ was the cost. No way would I pay the prices that Hot Toys was charging. $50 is fair, and therefore will cause a few of these to decorate my shelves.

    To end confusion early, there needs to be a way to refer to each line.

    Marvel Legends Twelve
    Marvel Legends Six
    Marvel Legends Three (3/4) or (Four) or (3.75)

  2. I’m taking this as basically a revival of the 12″ icons line. Completely fine with that. Wish they’d keep the old name branding though.

  3. Awwww man!!!! So much good marvel stuff nowadays! It’s bad enough I’m struggling to keep up with the new 6″ waves. Also what about Sideshow Colectables and their current line of marvel 1/6 figures??? If

  4. They should probably start making whatever scale they’re using more prominently labelled on all the Marvel Legends packaging, just to reduce confusion. Also, I doubt I’ll start collecting this scale, but I do like the look of the figures. Here’s hoping this line has fewer repaints and such. At that scale, specificity in the sculpts makes a big difference.

    • Yes. …sort of.
      As far as I can tell, it’s based on the concept art for Marvel NOW! Captain America, but blended with parts from the finalized art that the concept art didn’t have.
      So he’s half NOW! Cap, and half concept art of NOW! Cap.

  5. So they’ve essentially resurrected Marvel Legends Icons.

    If they make a new Marvel Legends “Icons” Doctor Doom, they will be EXTREMELY hard-pressed to match, let alone beat, the original.
    I can count on 1 finger the number of Doctor Doom sculpts/figures/whatever that are better than the original Marvel Legends Icons Doctor Doom (Sideshow’s $2000 Legendary Scale Doctor Doom is literally the only one), but I sure as hell would love to see them TRY and make a better one.

  6. If this is Hasbro trying to step up to Hot Toys, I think going with comic Cap was a smart idea. Hasbro’s head sculpts based on real actors tend to be hit or miss, so I don’t think they were ready to try and compete with the hyper realistic Chris Evans Hot Toys is putting out.

  7. Been there tried it .When will hasbro learn or should I say learn from toy biz mistakes .This was a huge fail for toybiz.I remember when toy biz tried the 12 inch figures at a price of 20 dollars it wasn’t 2 .on the and these
    were marked down kb couldn’t give these away I got mine on clearance with variants at 5 bucks a pop.I don’t have hope for these Number one the Toybiz detail was amazing in terms of paint wages and apps Hasbro just isn’t going to pay that kind of attention to detail.Number 2 too pricey.who remembers when marvel legends were 6.99 at earth you could get the whole line for 49.00 the price of this crap.Typical toy companies give us less quality and charge us more but as long as a few are paying for it they’ll keep doing it.Remember when they raised the marvel legends to 14.99 Finger Fang doom wave now 21.99 really am disappointed in Hasbro

  8. A few of these will decorate my shelves as well but not all of them. This cap and iron man look great! everyone is trying to figure out what cap that is but I’m trying to figure out what iron man armor that’s supposed to be. It’s not a movie armor. It’s not mark 45 or 46 anyway, and don’t try to tell me it is. I’ve got the movie armors on lock down and this isn’t any of those. it doesn’t look like marvel now or bleeding edge or heroic age. is it just hasbro saying “whatever, I’ll make iron man look however I want?”