Vinylmation Marvel Series 3 Figures Photos & Order Info!

Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 3 Vinyl Figures

Though the number of figures being released per year is a fraction of what there once was and the selection at the Disney Parks is down to almost nothing, Disney Vinylmation is still alive and puttering along!

And following up the successful release of the Vinylmation Spider-Man series last winter, the all-new Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 3 figures will be arriving this week! Mickey-shaped Daredevil and Moon Knight, anyone…?

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Marvel Vinylmation Red Hulk & Red She-Hulk Figures!

Disney Vinylmation Red Hulk Figure

The days of Disney Vinylmation collecting may be coming to an end. Disney has virtually eliminated all trading at the Disney Parks, and the number of series and limited-edition sets coming out this year is a meager fraction of what we’ve seen in past years. But one Vinylmation series that still seems to be strong and fervently-collected is the Vinylmation Marvel series! And before the Vinylmation Avengers series hits this summer, Disney has a surprise LE set lined up for us next month: Vinylmation Red Hulk and Red She-Hulk!

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Disney Vinylmation Ant-Man Figures Released & Photos!

Disney Vinylmation Ant-Man Variant and Regular Figures

Welcome back! You may have noticed it was a bit quiet around here for the past week. I like to keep this site up-to-date with all of the latest Marvel toy news as much as possible, so I tend to shy away from taking any kind of “vacations”. But research trips…? That’s another matter entirely. So last week, I bit the bullet and suffered through a week-long research trip to Disney World in Orlando, Florida, solely for the sake of being there on the release date of the Marvel Vinylmation Ant-Man figures. Yep–that’s my story, and I’m sticking to it…

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Vinylmation War Machine Iron Patriot Ant-Man Announced!

Vinylmation Marvel Ant-Man Iron Patriot War Machine LE Figures

It’s been quiet times for Marvel collectors as we approach the end of 2014, but if there’s one collecting genre that pretty much always has new figures coming out to talk about, it’s designer vinyls! But this article isn’t about Funko (believe it or not), it’s about the Marvel vinyl figures being put out by Emperor Mickey Mouse himself–Disney! Coming to the Disney Parks and online in December 2014–the limited-edition Marvel Vinylmation Iron Patriot, War Machine, and Ant-Man vinyl figures!

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Disney Big Hero 6 Vinylmation Figures Released & Photos!

Big Hero 6 Vinylmation Series Vinyl Figures

I feel like a total heel admitting it, but my vinyl figure collecting heart has wavered in 2014. I used to insist that all other vinyl lines were second-fiddle to Disney Vinylmation, but Funko has really captured my heart this year with their adorable unique sculpts and insane amount of releases. But while my Vinylmation collecting has been out on the back burner, there’s no way I wouldn’t take an interest in a whole set of Marvel-inspired Vinylmation figures hitting this week–the Disney Vinylmation Big Hero 6 series has now been released!

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Marvel Vinylmation Green Goblin & Mary Jane Variants Found!

Marvel Vinylmation Mary Jane Variant Figure

In the early days of the Disney Vinylmation figures line, the rarest blind-box figures out there were the Vinylmation Mystery Chasers that were packed at one-per-case. But things have changes in the last few years, and now there’s something even rarer: Vinylmation variants. Packed at far less than one per case, the Marvel Vinylmation variants from Series 1 of Phasing Vision and Bearded Thor have long been the most valuable Vinylmation Marvel figures. They now have some competition, though–Vinylmation Green Goblin and Mary Jane variants have now appeared and are selling for $150-$300 each!

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Vinylmation Marvel Kingpin Chaser Figure Revealed!

Disney Vinylmation Kingpin Chaser Vinylmation Marvel Series 2 Spider-Man

When Disney announced the lineup of figures in Vinylmation Marvel Series 2 last month, visions immediately began to dance in collectors’ heads of what spectacular, beloved character would be the “mystery chaser” that wouldn’t be revealed until the cases were released. The most popular theories were for a Vinylmation Carnage, Gwen Stacy or Doc Ock chaser. Well, the Vinylmation Spider-Man series was officially released yesterday, and now we know the chaser’s identity. Though the immediate response has been disappointment, the Marvel Vinylmation Kingpin Chaser has been revealed!

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Marvel Vinylmation Spider-Man Series Revealed & Photos!

Vinylmation Marvel Series 2 Spider-Man Figures Revealed

As far as Disney Vinylmation collection goes, 2014 has been the quietest year for me since Disney began the line. There haven’t been many enticing Vinylmation sets released this year, and as a result my interest has waned quite a bit. But just when I thought I might be out, Disney has pulled me back in–with a vengeance! As a sequel to last year’s best-selling Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 1 (which now sells for a crazy $250 for a set of 12 on the aftermarket), Disney has just unveiled a new set: the Marvel Vinylmation Spider-Man Series!

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Disney Changes Mind; Marvel Vinylmation NOT Sold in Disney Stores

Marvel Vinylmation Series 1 Thor Figure Trading Card Photo

If that headline sounds absolutely ridiculous to you, it should–it coincides with one of the more bizarre occurrences I’ve seen while collecting Marvel figures or Disney Vinylmation. Despite earlier statements that Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 1 would be sold in stores–and the display sample figures being sent to the Disney Stores already–Disney has backtracked today and instead decided that the Marvel Vinylmation Series will not be sold in Disney Stores at this time…

UPDATE 10/10/2013: Disney is now saying via their official Vinylmation site that the release is back on and the Vinylmation Marvel Series will in fact be released tomorrow, October 11th 2013.

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Marvel Vinylmation Yellowjacket & Wasp LE Set Announced!

Vinylmation Marvel Yellowjacket Figure Hank Pym LE 1000

We’ve known for a little while now that Disney is unleashing the first series of Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series #1 next month (it drops October 11, 2013 in the Disney Parks and Disney Stores), but Disney has been teasing us with details little by little. At last weekend’s Disney Reflections of Evil event, Disney finally put on display the prototype figures that will make up the set–including a previously unannounced Marvel Vinylmation Yellowjacket & The Wasp set limited to 1000 produced!

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Marvel Vinylmation Series 1 Figures Photos Debut at D23 Expo 2013!

Marvel Vinylmation Series 1 Thor Figure Trading Card Photo

We knew going into this weekend’s D23 Expo 2013 that that first series of Disney Vinylmation Marvel figures wasn’t going to be until fall, so there were zero expectations for an early release at the convention or anything like that. But sometimes it’s nice to have the bar set low, because then you can be pleasantly surprised!

No, Disney didn’t sell the series at the show, but they did give out free promotional trading cards showing off photos of the Vinylmation Marvel Series 1 figures for the very first time!

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Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 1 Avengers Figures Announced

Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series 1 Blind Box Figure Assortment

It’s been talked-about literally since the day that Disney purchased Marvel in 2009, but I genuinely never thought it was going to happen. After years of rumors and speculation that didn’t pan out, something Disney collectors have long pined for is going to come to fruition. Coming later in 2013–the first-ever series of Marvel Vinylmation vinyl figures–the Disney Vinylmation Marvel Series #1 featuring The Avengers!

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