Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums Plush Up for Order!

Disney Tsum Tsum Rocket Raccoon Groot Plush Toys

UPDATE 12/15/2015: The Guardians of the Galaxy Tsum Tsums–including a gigantic Extra-Large Groot Tsum–are now available for order online!

My wife is super-tolerant, but she HATES Tsum Tsums for some reason. She is not going to be pleased when she sees big Star-Lord and Rocket Raccoon and huge Groot in our home…

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Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Unboxing Review!

Funko Guardians of the Galaxy Collector Corps Box Unboxing

Returning home from a little bit of late holiday shopping, I discovered what just may constitute a Christmas miracle: UPS had made a Sunday morning delivery of my December 2015 Funko Guardians of the Galaxy Marvel Collector Corps Box!

I’d heard some early criticism about the contents of this box, so I was skeptical, but after unboxing the Guardians of the Galaxy box, this turns out to be my favorite Collectors Corps box so far…

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SDCC 2015 Exclusive Funko Flocked Ravagers Rocket Raccoon!

SDCC 2015 Exclusive Ravagers Rocket Raccoon Funko POP Vinyl

Time has really flown by, but as hard as it is to believe (and I checked my calendar just to be certain), we are now just a month and a half away from San Diego Comic Con 2015! That means that it’s long past time that the Marvel SDCC 2015 exclusives start making themselves known–and in the past few days, they’ve done just that! And what better place to begin than with an exclusive from the King of Exclusives: Funko! And congrats to non-attendees, because you can order this one from home: the Funko SDCC 2015 Exclusive Flocked Ravagers Rocket Raccoon POP Vinyl is now up for order!

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Marvel Retro Sofubi Medicom Rocket Raccoon & Hulk Vinyls!

Medicom Rocket Raccoon Retro Marvel Sofubi Figure

Over my years of attending cons, I’ve passed people wearing shirts with the slogan “Anime: Crack is Cheaper” dozens of times. Well, I think that motto could be modified a bit into a very appropriate “Collecting Vinyl Figures: Crack is Cheaper”. I have a serious vinyl figure addiction that extends to many lines–but not the Medicom Marvel Retro Sofubi line. At least, not until now–the Retro Rocket Raccoon & Hulk Sofubi figures are now up for order!

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Marvel Candy Bowl Holders! Rocket Raccoon Venom Thor!

Rocket Raccoon Candy Bowl Holder

I mentioned in my review of the Jubilee Bishoujo statue yesterday that there was a first time for everything. Well, I guess today it’s time for another first, because I’m going to be discussing something that can probably only be considered a “toy” at all by the barest of margins. The latest Marvel statues (of a sort) come from Rubie’s Costume Company–and they actually serve a functional purpose! The Rocket Raccoon, Thor and Venom Candy Bowl Holders are now up for order!

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Funko Ravagers Rocket Raccoon POP Vinyl Exclusive Figure!

Funko Ravagers Rocket Raccoon POP Vinyls Exclusive Variant Figure

Going into the Guardians of the Galaxy movie release last summer, everyone (including me) had pegged Rocket Raccoon as the character who would be the breakout star of the film. Things didn’t work out that way. Instead, Groot (and Dancing Baby Groot) ended up claiming the hearts and minds of millions of moviegoers in 2014–as well as the bulk of new collectibles shown off since the movie’s premiere. But while he’s playing second fiddle to Groot, Rocket Raccoon still has quite a rabid fanbase of his own–and they’ll be jazzed to see that a new exclusive Funko Ravagers Rocket Raccoon POP! Vinyl figure is now available for order!

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I Am Rocket Raccoon Costume Hoodie Review & Photos

Dabid Wearing Rocket Raccoon Costume Hoodie

“When it comes to collecting, I know no shame” is my motto. And it’s a good thing that it is, too–because if I did know shame, I probably wouldn’t have been able to take photos to review today’s Rocket Raccoon product. No, it’s not a new Rocket Raccoon action figure, vinyl, LEGO, or even plush toy. This is for the truly hardcore Rocket Raccoon fan–the one who doesn’t care what anyone else thinks or what it costs to look like their favorite character: the I Am Rocket Raccoon Costume Hoodie by We Love Fine costs over $70–is it worth more than you’ve probably ever spent on a sweatshirt?

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NECA Rocket Raccoon Life Size Figure Statue Up for Order!

Rocket Raccoon NECA Life-Size Action Figure

Life got a lot harder (and more expensive) this month for Rocket Raccoon figure completists, as NECA recently announced the largest and most expensive Rocket Raccoon figure ever.

I own a lot of Rocket Raccoon merch, but nothing as high-end as this: coming in January 2015, the three-foot tall NECA Rocket Raccoon life-size figure is now up for order!

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Marvel Disney Infinity Guardians of the Galaxy Figures Pre-Order!

Disney Infinity Rocket Raccoon Figure Packaged

If you’re like me (and you must be at least a little bit like me, or you wouldn’t be on this blog reading this post), you were woefully disappointed that no developer stepped up to bat to create a Guardians of the Galaxy video game to coincide with the blockbuster movie’s release. (Movie tie-in video games are almost always duds, mind you, but it would have been nice nonetheless.) But fear not, fellow Guardians of the Galaxy fanatics! Disney themselves is going to fill the void and give us the Guardians of the Galaxy gaming action we’ve been craving–and toys to go with it! The Disney Infinity Guardians of the Galaxy Play Set and all five members of the Disney Infinity Guardians of the Galaxy figures are now up for order!

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Funko Rocket Raccoon POP! Vinyls Review & Photos

Funko Rocket Raccoon POP Vinyl Figure Review

This has been an unusually quiet week for Marvel toy news, but that’s fine with me, as I’ve got a huge backlog of stuff to photograph and review. In fact, things have been so busy this summer that I never even got around to reviewing one of my favorite Funko figures of the entire year.

It’s the figure I liked so much, I bought it three times (once with flocked fur and once with an, uh, exclusive sticker): the Guardians of the Galaxy Funko POP! Vinyls Rocket Raccoon figure!

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Marvel Unlimited Exclusive Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Figure!

Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon Variant Figure Marvel Unlimited Plus

2014 has been the unofficial Year of Rocket Raccoon, with more Rocket Raccoon figures and toys being released in this year than every other year of Rocket’s 38 years of existent combined. Everything is perfect so long as you want movie-style Rocket Raccoon collectibles–but comic-based Rocket Raccoon toys have been non-existent in 2014. Luckily, Hasbro is stepping up to give us a new Marvel Legends Rocket Raccoon exclusive repaint–but he won’t come cheap…

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Funko Fabrikations Rocket Raccoon Figure Revealed!

Guardians of the Galaxy Funko Fabrikations Rocket Raccoon Figure

Last month I reviewed the awesome Marvel Funko Fabrikations Deadpool figure, the first Marvel character to be released as part of the Funko Fabrikations soft sculptures line of toys. I gave the Funko Deadpool Fabrikations figure a glowing review and said that Funko was “going to have a tough time topping ‘Pool”. I fully expected the second Funko Marvel Fabrikations figure to be a letdown after the exceptional Deadpool toy. Turns out, I actually like the second figure orders of magnitude more: the Funko Fabrikations Rocket Raccoon figure is now up for order!

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Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon & Groot Set w/ Exclusive Accessories!

Hot Toys MMS 254 Rocket Raccoon and Groot Figures Set with Exclusive Accessories

But wait–there’s more! Hot Toys debuted the individual figures of MMS 252 Rocket Raccoon and MMS 253 Groot today, but they also made sure collectors would be aware that there was a special collectible bundle set of Rocket Raccoon & Groot on the way as well. You may ask: “Why would I want to order an expensive bundle when I can order Hot Toys Groot and Rocket individually at my leisure?” Well, the answer is simple: the Sideshow Exclusive Hot Toys Rocket Raccon & Groot MMS254 set will be coming with additional accessories you can’t get anywhere except in the set–and these are accessories you will definitely want!

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Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon Figures Photos & Up for Order!

Rocket Raccoon Hot Toys Sixth Scale Figure Holding Gun

Well, I’m just full of “wrong” lately. With under a week until the beginning of San Diego Comic Con 2014, I had truly figured that Hot Toys would hold off on debuting any new Movie Masterpiece Series figures–particularly the Hot Toys Guardians of the Galaxy figures–so that they’d be able to premiere them at SDCC 2014. Evidently, Hot Toys figured otherwise. But I’m glad they did, because the first Guardians of the Galaxy Hot Toys figure unveiled is the one I wanted to see most–the MMS 252 Hot Toys Rocket Raccoon figure is now up for order!

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SDCC 2014 LEGO Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird Set Revealed!

LEGO Marvel SDCC 2014 Exclusive Rocket Raccoon Warbird Set Revealed

This is going to sound like complete and utter blasphemy coming from me, but I was sort of hoping that there wasn’t going to be a SDCC 2014 LEGO Marvel exclusive this year. The San Diego Comic Con LEGO Marvel minifigure exclusives have traditionally been both difficult and extremely expensive to acquire, so I would have been just fine with LEGO forgoing any Comic-Con exclusive LEGO Marvel sets this year.

But with a week to go until Comic-Con, they just had to go and announce an exclusive I can’t live without–it’s the SDCC 2014 LEGO Rocket Raccoon’s Warbird set exclusive!

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